One Step Ahead

New Era in
Video Programmatic Campaigns

As we all know; video advertising is emerging as one of the most powerful digital advertising tools. At PS New Deal, we have run several successful programmatic video campaigns for our clients (both international and local brands) through the Adform programmatic platform.

Our technological partner, Adform, is introducing a new set of video capabilities across its programmatic platform (DSP) and Ad Server to improve the way programmatic video buying is done and making it even more effective.

In a time when the open market is poised with technical challenges to offer complete transparency, Adform is pushing the envelope with a new way to buy, verify and optimise video inventory.

Adform is changing the industry

Adform is encouraging the adoption of IAB’s Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) 4 and Open Measurement Interface Definition (OMID) standards, which enable unified and secure video measurements across direct and programmatic environments.

In addition, Adform has built its own native VAST 4 and OMID based ad verification solution and has taken a proactive approach to work with inventory partners, publishers, large advertisers and independent ad verification vendors to make this solution work across the full ecosystem.

True Video Optimization

With the new release, Adform is also introducing a new set of metrics that have been tailored for video ads. These include viewable quartile (25%, 50%, 75%), viewable and audible video completions (AVOC) as well as general in-screen viewability. In this sense, “Viewable” means that the video is appearing on the screen as opposed to running in the background of an inactive browser tab or somewhere in the non-visible area of the website.

These new metrics allow you to understand the quality of the inventory based on visitor engagement and the attention level. Was there a human eye watching the video? Did someone hear the audio message or was it muted? All these aspects will give you better insights to curate and optimise inventory and audiences to help you achieve your campaign goals.

The new release will help curate high-quality inventory lists and gets deeper insights into the video campaign performance. Ultimately, this will give advertisers better control over their campaign budgets and a proper way to verify that the inventory which they are buying is worth the premium prices.

To learn more about the new video advertising capabilities of the Adform programmatic platform or how to improve your digital advertising, please feel free to contact on 22 010 018 our commercial director, Maria Zacharoudes or send an email at [email protected].



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