MRC Accreditation

The MRC continues Adform’s Accreditation

The Media Rating Council (MRC) is an independent, nonprofit organization that has as a main objective the audit of the media market. In this way, it ensures that service providers comply with the consensus-based standards. The MRC covers worldwide market research in print, TV and radio, cable, and digital media.

Moreover, the MRC serves as an organizing force for the digital advertising industry and shares audit findings and new insights among industry members. MRC compliance and accreditation offer high standards of integrity, quality, and transparency. Thus, it should be central for digital advertisers, regardless of their primary business region.

Since 2017, our technological partner, Adform has been accredited by the MRC for meeting its standards for served and viewable ad impressions. We are happy to announce that the MRC has granted a continuation of Adform’s accreditation for its Display and Video Served, Viewable Impressions and Viewability related metrics within Desktop, Mobile Web and Mobile In-App environments. The accreditation process is highly technical and touches many parts of the platform. Due to the fact that this accreditation is one of the most demanding industry verification processes, it’s difficult to be obtained. As a result, there are only a few programmatic and ad serving platforms with this accreditation.

Apart from its MRC Accreditation, Adform has been named a Leader in Gartner’s third Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech. Also, PwC’s analysis report recently showed Adform’s transparency on its fee structures, data flows, match rates, and efficiency of user experience.

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