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Our Services

3rd Party Ad Serving

Our technological partner is Adform that is a premium, 3rd-party ad management platform built specifically for advertisers that need to upgrade their campaign management experience. The platform equipped with advanced delivery, scheduling, reporting, and targeting tools integrated with omni-channel, viewability, brand safety, anti-fraud and data security technology that ensures a perfect ad serving and delivery experience for the campaigns of our clients.

All measurement, reports and metrics (including viewability) are accredited by MRC (Media Rating Council) and the platform is fully certified by SO/IEC27001 for its industry leading data security.

Programmatic Media Buying

We offer full-programmatic media solutions through Adform DSP (Demand Side Platform) that includes RTB applications, advance integrating targeting, re-targeting tools, optimal utilization of our customer’s media campaigns and high-performance statistical reporting. Adform DSP enables advertisers to reach the desired audience through harness first and third-party data, ISP, location, behavior, context, device and keywords to find the consumers most likely to engage, click or convert.

Leverage custom workflows and an intuitive UI to buy standard, video and mobile inventory with confidence. Adform is committed to the highest standards for accurate measurement to deliver trustworthy and transparent insights.

Rich Media Formats

We use Adform ‘s Creative Management Platform that enables our clients to gain one of the most intuitive and powerful creative production, management and optimization tool in the industry with full support for mobile, display, video and native. The creative management platform helps advertisers enrich and optimize their creatives through advanced data signals and targeting options, from video, to mobile, to in-app, we’ve built our creative tools to empower your campaigns ensuring that quality results are only a click away.

Data Management Platform

In today’s digital advertising environment that “All things are Data”,  the use of Data Management Platform (DMP) is the driving force of effective digital advertising activities. Backed by the full-stack platform of Adform, PS New Deal provides the opportunity to its clients to collect their data audience, organize them in segments and make them available to perform fully-targeted campaigns. The use of a DMP in their campaign, enable our client to maximize the performance of its digital advertising activities and more importantly minimize the waste on advertising spending.

Spotify Advertising

New Deal offers highly-effective audio (radio) ads through Spotify platform. Spotify advertising solutions guarantee that your message will be heard since it delivers your audio ads between songs while there are no distractions, and your audience is focused on what you have to say. Complement your audio ad with a clickable link so listeners can tap to visit your site, app, or online destination.

More importantly, you can create fully personalized ads since Spotify provides full-targeted audience in terms of demographic and interest.