The values of our corporate culture

Our Corporate DNA


We respect our employees and value them as the most important asset of our company. We believe that recognizing our employees’ value will create a culture that promotes excellence in terms of customer service. 


We are passionate with digital advertising and similarly we seek to share this passion with our employees, associates and customers. This passion is our striving force to make the quality of work better for our customers. 


We encourage our employees to constantly seeking for new products and services for our corporate clients since we believe in providing innovative and effective digital advertising tools..


Ethics & Authenticity

We encourage employees to engage the highest level of authenticity and work ethics to their colleagues, associates and customers. We want to inspire them to be the kind of people that constantly seek to improve their quality of work for the benefit of our customers. 


We understand that talent is important for the success of a company but we mostly care of creating an environment that believe that success of the team is more important than the success of the individual.


We believe in the leadership of the culture that shares common beliefs of our vision that is all about creating better solutions for the digital world. We motivate our employees to lead by example in terms of work ethic, performance and customer service.  


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Meet the Newdealers

Nicolas Constantinou

Creative Director

Maria Zacharoude

General Manager

Kyriaki Vasileiou

Campaign Manager

Irene Kalogerou

Project Manager