3 Years of Newdeal

It’s been 3 years already!

It’s been 3 years already! I feel honoured and grateful that I am part of PS New Deal’s founding team. Our company was founded in January 2018 and they have been 3 successful years but at the same time, 3 years full of challenges.

Inspired by Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” back in 1933, we decided to create a company that would transform Cyprus’ digital advertising ecosystem. Our most powerful tools proved to be our passion for digital advertising, our long experience in the market due to our preceding presence as digital publishers, and our strategic decision to develop a partnership with a pioneering technology company such as Adform.

Most importantly, we decided to create a company with a corporate DNA that respects its employees, values them as the most important asset of the company but also inspires them to be the kind of people that constantly seek to improve the quality of work for the benefit of their customers. At PS New Deal, we want to have such a company where people are respected and appreciated as employees because we believe that only if you exceed the expectations of your people, you will be able to exceed the expectations of your customers.

Since the beginning, we have had a clear strategy to work closely with advertising agencies in order to create added value for the brands. During these 3 years, we have run more than 900 campaigns (Direct and Programmatic) for approximately 300 brands, have created more than 80 rich media formats, and served more than 2,5 billion impressions. But, nothing of these would have been possible without the support and dedication of our loyal customers who have been with us since the beginning. As the head of commercial activities, I feel proud of our accomplishments. But at the same time, I need to express my appreciation and respect to all our clients for their trust and support.


PS New Deal is the market leader in Cyprus regarding digital advertising technological solutions and services. For us, being a leader does not make any impact unless it is accompanied by the maximum possible level of customer service, the highest campaign performance, and the most advanced technologies. Our clients mean the most to us and we constantly seek to pursue their expectations.

Our main services include 3rd Party Ad-Serving, Programmatic Media Buying, and advanced rich media creatives. Our biggest challenge was to manage to penetrate the market and prove that we have the competence and experience to create added value to the brands. To a great extent, we have managed to achieve our goals and overcome our challenges. Yet, we have more to accomplish.

Our immediate future plans include the launch of Adform’s DMP (Data Management Platform) in the Cypriot market. In today’s digital advertising environment that “All things are Data”, the use of a Data Management Platform is the only solution for most effective digital advertising activities. We must understand that the biggest challenge comes from the Internet browsers since Safari and Firefox deprecated 3rd-party cookies and Google Chrome has announced that will do it by 2022. This means that 80% of the digital traffic will be affected. Moreover, working with Adform and other ad-exchange partners, we plan to create the first programmatic ad-exchange in Cyprus to enable publishers to maximize their yield management possibilities and thus, their profitability.

At PS New Deal, success has nothing to do with numbers on the balance sheet. It is all about understanding that our highest-valued assets are the employees and the customers of the company. These are the reasons for our success so, at PS New Deal, we always focus on offering our employees the best possible working environment and our customers the highest possible customer service along with the best technologies. This has been our secret of success and this is the way that we will move forward in the next years to come…

Maria Zacharoude has extensive experience of more than 10 years in the digital advertising market since prior to PS New Deal she used to hold the position of Commercial Manager of several digital publishers. She is one of the 3 founders of PS New Deal. Since the beginning of PS New Deal, she holds the position of Commercial Director and is a member of the company’s Board of Directors. She is responsible for the commercial development of PS New Deal and is part of the team that takes part in the strategic decisions of the company.

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