Rich Media Formats

Rich Media outperform significantly standard banner campaigns.

Recent studies among different banner formats have shown that rich media banners outperformed significantly relative to standard banner campaigns. The studies examined the performance of rich media, standard, video and mobile banners in order to compare the performance of various campaigns among those formats.

Some of the reports key findings include:

1. Rich Media banners delivered 267% higher CTR compared to standard banners

2. Rich media have engagement rates of 16.85%, compared to just 2.14% for banner ads and 1.62% for mobile.

3. Rich Media banners are 66% viewable

4. Adding video content to a banner drives performance

5. Video is most effective in mobile campaigns, with consumers interacting with mobile video ads 36% longer than any other format.

In general, rich media formats can bring significant benefits to the campaigns of advertisers. These benefits are listed below:

1. Grab the Attention of New Audiences

2. Stand Out from the Competition

3. Increased Engagement Rates

4. Lower bounce rates

5. Accelerates the customer journey

6. Build a better user experience

7. Develop deeper insights

8. Increase search reach

Empowered by Adform’s advanced creative management platform, at Ps New Deal, we offer to our clients the opportunity to create innovative and highly-interactive rich media formats in order to maximise the effectiveness of their digital campaigns and outperform their competitors. You may visit, New Deal’s rich media showroom that contains some of the more innovative campaigns performed by our clients.

If you want to learn more about the rich media opportunities and how it can help you become a top-tier creative agency, please feel free to contact Maria Zacharoudes, who is our Commercial Director at: [email protected] or 22 010018.

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