Maximum Clicks

How to generate maximum clicks in programmatic campaigns

Maximising clicks and achieving a high click-through rate is the dream of every digital media planner. Even though CTR is the most widely single KPIs used by media planners, there is still one problem: it’s not meaningful in display advertising for brands. In other words, CTR can be a tricky metric if not accompanied with other relevant performance indicators.

In general, CTR is:

  1. Already accepted and easy for all parties to understand.
  2. Easy to measure, work out and express as a value.
  3. Easy to compare across campaigns, establish a benchmark and track over time.

Below, you may check some useful tips on how to set up Programmatic campaigns in order to maximise the number of clicks and at the same to achieve high CTRs.

Useful Campaign Set-Up Tips for CPC Campaigns (Maximum Clicks):

  • Use CPC pricing model
  • Check if click tag is working properly
  • Create separate audiences for different devices and use bid multipliers.
  • Create CTR optimized through rotators
  • To avoid displaying the same served ads in several placements on the same page, tick the Show one impression per page
  • Exclude users who clicked on the campaign so that the banner will be displayed in those users that have not clicked it.
  • Use Retargeting strategies

For more information how we can help your digital performance or for any other consultation in regards to campaign management, you may contact Kyriaki Vasileiou who is Head of Campaign Management at our company at: [email protected] or 22010018.

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